Tiffany Holbrook is the strong woman running the show at Wise Acre Farm. Although without the help of family, especially her husband Jason, the high level of care that is given to the animals would not be possible. The third farmer is Noah who can be found at the farm after school and on weekends riding his quad.

Tiffany and Jason were both born in Healdsburg, later moving to Windsor when the town started to grow in the late 80s. Tiffany’s family in fact moved to a house on Equity court; which backed up to Arata Ln and a second story window overlooked a small sheep farm. Every Spring you could see a little blond girl sitting in her parent’s bedroom window watching the lambs frolic around with endless energy. The same pasture is now home to the most well loved flock of hens in Sonoma County. No one could have guessed the same girl would grow up and one day be working this pasture.

But that is exactly what happened. Tiffany is formally an elementary school secretary. She loved her school job but felt like something was missing. While on her lunch break she stumbled across an online posting of a farm for sale. She had been following the journey of the farm and knew she had to do everything and anything to jump on this opportunity.

After that moment everything else was put on hold. She had finally found her passion and nothing was going to stop her. What started as a small hobby farm in the backyard which included a summer vegetable garden, a bunny and a flock of 10 chickens grew overnight to 15 acres of leased property with 1,500 hens, 350 chicks, 4 goats, 2 geese and 1 really big dog!

After getting an offer approved one month of training was arranged with the founder of the farm. Tiffany learned the ropes of the daily farm routine. Which included feed and water to moving the custom build fleet of chicken coops to repairing hoses. We can’t forget the eggs. Hundreds and hundreds of eggs that have to be processed everyday by being hand washed and sorted by size and quality.

Since then Tiffany is also currently holding the self appointed titles of electrician, mechanic, vet tech and welder. Stuff breaks on farms. On Friday evenings. In the middle of huge storms. Problems have to be solved then and there and that is when this farmer thrives.

So one day she will wake up from this amazing journey life has taken her on. But until that time comes everyday will be valued. Chickens will get treats, dogs will get belly rubs, and geese will get kisses.

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