Bryan Boyd is the unwavering force pushing egg farming into the future through his labor of love: Wise Acre Farms. To say that Bryan enjoys a challenge is a disgraceful understatement. This man was born to push the envelope and think out of the box… or, as the case may be, the coop!

And yes, he is a local boy… born and raised in Santa Rosa, California. He was a member of the first graduating class at Elsie Allen High School and helped build the tennis courts still in use today.

Bryan was born into a family of small business owners. His grandfather founded Able Fencing in 1959. His father eventually took over the operation and Bryan worked with him for 17 years. Building and installing fences allowed Bryan to learn how to work hard and why to work smart. He also learned craftsmanship and integrity from working in the family business.

But didn’t we already say that Bryan likes a challenge? He found that challenge in applying to the police academy. He worked his way through the program and graduated with honors in 2007. Which of course led to him becoming a chicken farmer… huh?

Well that’s what happened. He and his girlfriend, Raina Brolan, moved to a property with room to spread out in Windsor and they started a new hobby — raising chickens. Unable to resist the temptation to address the challenges in raising his chickens, he started thinking up new ways to do things more efficiently and humanly. Inventions ensued, logistics were adjusted and there was a lot of research and welding and building and happy chickens. What was initially a hobby became Wise Acre Farms and a chicken farmer was born.