Sustainability is the keystone of our farming philosophy. That’s why we have chosen larger breeds of chickens that will live longer and can be harvested for meat when they are no longer producing enough eggs. That’s why we encourage our chickens to forage natural foods off the land and supplement with organic barley sprouts that we grow right on the farm. That is why we rotate the chickens and let the land rest and rejuvenate naturally. That is why we are very careful to raise only as many chickens as the land can support while remaining healthy.

That is why all of our eggs are sold in Sonoma County.

All these choices allow our farm to be self-sustaining without the need to truck out manure or truck in bedding. Bryan only feeds his chickens a custom certified organic grain ration made just for Wise Acre Farm. We add organic alfalfa to the mix, which comprises up to 20% of the ration. This is unheard of for a commercial layer flock. When chickens eat a lot of roughage like grass, it takes more energy to digest. That energy is diverted away from laying more eggs. We are more concerned about health, sustainability, and the humane treatment of animals than pushing for maximum egg production. With the addition of greens in their grain ration and the grass they eat on the pasture fall through spring, the eggs have a lot more omega 3’s.

rolled grass.pngfeeding grass.png