There are many inherent challenges in respect to raising chickens humanely. First, there are no how to books on developing a farm like Wise Acre. There is no place to simply purchase the equipment we need to run this farm. We have designed and built the equipment ourselves and engineered the infrastructure.  Trial and error has been our best teacher.

For example, how can we protect chickens that are allowed to wonder freely? We invite in a 170 pound dog of course! We started training two dogs at the age of two months. One of the pups, Buddy, seemed to chase the chickens less. So we worked with Buddy until eventually he became the amazing and highly effective chicken guard dog he is today. As proof of his commitment to his small feathery friends, Buddy will sit next to a chicken that escapes from the fence until we notice and return him to the flock.


Our search for efficiency has lead to many other innovations.

A Custom Truck

CHALLENGE: How can large, heavy chicken coops be moved during the swampy wet winter months?

SOLUTIONS: We found a used set of tracks that can bolt on to our lifted truck. These tracks distribute the weight so efficiently that it’s lighter on the soil then a human foot print. This prevents ruts, soil compaction and getting stuck in the pasture. Moving coops in the winter is crucial in keeping the chickens and soil healthy.


The Egg Train

CHALLENGE: How do we move the chicken coops regularly in all conditions with the least amount of harm to the environment?

SOLUTIONS: We invented a mobile chicken train that can be pushed by hand on a light weight rail system. No truck is needed. No fuel is burned. The soil doesn’t get compacted. And it works in all weather conditions. Our egg train is totally unique to the egg industry.

Brolan image 6

The Egg Vending Machine

CHALLENGE: How do we make our eggs available to the public 24/7?

SOLUTIONS: We researched the world for a solution to this challenge. Our solution was purchasing an egg vending machine that is popular in Japan and Europe. It is the first egg vending machine of it’s kind in operation in the States. Our profits have risen 25% since introducing our vending machine. Our response from the public has been very positive and we hope to install more vending machines throughout Sonoma County.


Mini Farms Stands

CHALLENGE: How can we make it convenient for businesses to offer our eggs for sale?

SOLUTIONS: We designed and produced mini farm stands. They take up approximately three square feet of space and can hold 20 dozen eggs. The eggs are kept refrigerated and safe. Customers purchase eggs via the honor system. We hope to install more mini farm stands in gyms, coffee houses, vegetable stands, offices and other businesses throughout Sonoma County.

Please contact us if you would like to have a Wise Acre Farm mini farm stand in your place of business.