Our methods of raising chickens humanely and sustainably not only makes for happy chickens, but for healthy eggs.

We have been experimenting with many varieties of chickens. As of yet, we haven’t found one that we find to be ideal. Currently we are raising, Red and Black Sexlinks— so called because you can tell female from male by the color of their fur—Barred Rocks, Araucana, and Rhode Island Red chickens.

We buy chicks from a hatchery when they are one or two days old. They are in a brooder for the first 2-4 weeks because they need artificial heat. Once they grow their first batch of feathers, we release them into the pasture. At which time, they need to be trained to go into the coop at night.

They start laying eggs between 16-22 weeks of age. They lay for 2.5 to 3 years. Once they can’t lay enough to pay for their own food, we sell them as stew hens.

No drugs are given to our hens because when chickens are raised in healthy, sanitary conditions, there is no need for intervention.