Golden Ticket


The First Farm Tour

The Holbrook Family purchased Wise Acre Farm in August of last year. They have spend the last 6 months adjusting to the crazy and hectic new lifestyle of farming and are feeling extremely comfortable with their roles.

“When are you guys going to start doing tours?”

is easily the most common question the farmers receive.

That question created a series of questions which led to brainstorming. During that time 4 different themed tours were created. Everyone knew the first tour had to be special. This tour is called “The Wise Acre Way”. It will highlight our passion for sustainable farming which in turn provides a high quality product simply by raising an animal the way it was meant to live.

Our first tour will be held on April 20, 2019 at 10:00am sharp. In order to participate in this event one must have a Golden Ticket.

“But where do I find a Golden Ticket?”

Golden Tickets will be placed on the outside of our vending machine at 631 Arata Lane in Windsor on randomly selected days and times throughout the entire month of March.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to enter this contest. Just swing by the farm, say hello to the goats and peak at the vending machine for a Golden Ticket. If by chance you are low on eggs you can pick up a dozen but again we make it very clear there is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

“I found a Golden Ticket so what do I do now?”

Congratulations! We can not wait to show you around our farm! One ticket is good for all the members in your household. Visit our contact us page and send Farmer Tiffany the verification code on your ticket with the number of adults and children in your household.

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