“We only use Wise Acre Farm eggs at the Olea Hotel for our gourmet breakfasts, and our guests rave about them every morning. There are no other eggs like them! I have not been able to find eggs that are fresher, or have a creamier texture than Wise Acre eggs. I can’t go back to eating regular store-bought eggs after having these.”

— Khambay Porterkhamsy, Executive Chef

“There are eggs you can get at the supermarket, and, then there are eggs you can get at Wise Acre Farm in Windsor. If you like your omelets fluffy, your cakes rich and moist, and the best Huevos Rancheros you have ever had, then the only eggs you should use are the eggs from Wise Acre Farm. I know you will enjoy them as much as much as I do!”

 – Steve Schofield, Exchange Bank

Since I live in southeast Windsor, I have been purchasing your delicious eggs at Tierra Vegetables for a few months. But I used your vending machine for the first time today. What a fabulous experience! So convenient and easy to use. Very smart idea. (And nice driveway, too, by the way.)

–  Janine Sexton

Amazing eggs. Attended a presentation where wise acre farms was present. The attention to detail on every aspect of the chickens lives was incredible. The eggs are deep orange, full of vitamins, and delicious.

–  Julian Corwin

So easy and convenient! And what gorgeous, HEALTHY eggs! Thank you!

– Pamela Cox Nold

We have been buying Wise Acre eggs for almost as long as Bryan and Raina have been selling them. While people might say it’s cheaper to buy eggs at the supermarket, I’m willing to pay extra for consistent high quality, and freshness of Wise Acre Eggs. Getting eggs from the chickens just down the road is the real essence of buying local. The 24/7 availability of eggs from the egg vending machine is as convenient as it gets too!

– Heather Curran