It’s In My Blood


When I started farming over five years ago, I had no idea how much of it was in my family history. It turns out that my grandpa and great grandpa used to raise chickens as well. Pictured is my great grandpa standing in front of his chicken coop, taken in 1940. He had over 2,000 leghorns and sold the eggs to a local co-op in Washington state. My grandpa Larry would help him as a kid clean out the coops and half way through the process would have to come out running to wipe off all the mites that jumped on him. That is one of the big problems when chickens don’t have the ability to take dirt baths. The fine dirt they cover their skin with, suffocates small insects like mites. Later my grandpa would raise 500 hens of his own and sell to his local co-op as well, until the price of eggs plummeted and he went out of business. This was an important lesson I learned from, which is to diversify your customer base. If your reliant on one co-op to buy your eggs and they don’t need them any more, it could put you out of business.

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